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Discussion Boards and ListBots's own Teardrop Talk

Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailer Discussion

Tear Jerkers' National Yahoo Groups Site

TD Email List

Tear Jerkers' Yahoo Groups

Liberty Bell Chapter

Rocky Mountain Chapter

Southern Appalachian Chapter

The Utah Salty Tear Drops

Homebuilders/Restorers Sites:

David Brinker's Zephyr Teardrop

Gary Brown's KIT Restoration

Michael Burton's Hunter Shadow Teardrop

Darren's Self-Designed/Built English Teardrop Project

Denny & Bonnie's '48 Sierra Restoration and Modernaire Projects

John Duprey's Cub/Moderhistic Restoration

Brian & Stacy Ernst's 1948 Cub Teardrop Trailer

DonIronOne's Call-of-the-Wild Teardrop Project Photos
1978 Sierra Restoration Project

Rob Fisher's Teardrop Project

Bob & Chris Frank's '46 Ken-Skill

Richard Gray's Modified Desert Teardrops Project

Ron Hangartner's '46 KIT Restoration Photos

Gary Harkrader's Restored/Customized Teardrop

Allen & Terry Hopkins' Unique Homebuilt

Jack Jacobson's Teardrop Construction Photos

Justin Jenning's Self-Designed Project

Jerry's MaxiTear Project

Keith & Norman's Steel-framed Modernistic-type Project

How to Build Tear drop trailers By Steve Lang

Jim Linder's '47 KIT Restoration

Steve Marino's Teardrop Restoration

Craig McCormick's KIT-type Homebuilt

David Miles' U.K. SelfBuilt

Ed Mitchell's Teardrop Project

Jane Montgomery's Ken-Skill-type Project

Nick's Teardrop Trailer Pages - 1955 Benroy

Sumner Patterson's Self-designed Teardrop Project

Tony Reynolds Teardrop Project

Richard & Sharon's Great Lakes Teardrop Trailer Project

Bob Richert's Teardrop Pages

Robert Riffel's Self-designed Project

Kurt's Indiana Project

Duane Sherman's 4x4 Benroy Project

Larry & Diane's Baja Outback Teardrop Project

Jim & Linda Steinstra's Restoration

Rick Terell's '73 Twilight Bungalow

George Thornton's Teardrop Chronicles

The Trikenest

Three Texas Teardrop Trailers

Vance & Alice's Modernistic/Cub Type Restoration

Martijn van Mierlo's 1957 Cosmopoliet Nomade - a Teardrop from HOLLAND!!

John Walker's KIT-type Homebuilt Project in Australia

Rob White's Georgia Homebuilt Photos

John Willem's Teardrop Project


General Teardrop Sites:

George Thornton's Teardrop Research Pages

Tiny Tears

S.C.T.T. (Southern California Touring Tears)

The SHORT, SHORT Trailer

Tear Jerkers (fun with teardrops in the eastern U.S.!)

Randy Chase's Teardrop Pages

Cam & Co.'s Benroy Adventures

John & Donna Mulrean's Cachuma Lake MC & Teardrop Rally(s)



Non-Teardrop Vintage Trailer Sites:

RV/MH Foundation, Elkhart, IN

Tin Can Tourists

Vintage Vacations

Mirjam & Bert's Constructam Caravan Pages - Holland!


Teardrop Friendly Folks:

Hemmings Motor News and Special Interest Auto

Office Depot

Antlers RV Park & Campgrounds, Lakehead, CA

W.A.Harper's Automotive & Teardrop Art & Illustration

Bivouac Buddy Portable Shower and Potty Enclosure

Harold LeMay Auto Collection

Ukiah/Willits KOA, in the California Redwoods, site of Bob's I.A.D.Y. Gatherings

RVing - The Midwest Connection (great source of info for camping and RVing in the Midwest!)

rvct RVing - RV Caravan Tours - Northwest US RV/Camper Touring at it's best!

Ridge Valley Tours RV and Camping Tours of Western Canada and the Northwest USA


MORE to come as we hear of them and check them out...!


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