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eBay Auctions & CD Scam Alert

There is an eBay seller
with multiple auctions and web sites containing headings such as: "75 Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Travel Trailer Plans" "75 Camper Teardrop Vintage Travel Trailer DIY" "Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD Hotrod $$$" "Hotrod Teardrop & Vintage Camper Trailer Plans CD" ... and other similarly titled listings

These CD's contain pirated pictures and comments from web sites
(including this one) which is a direct Infringement of Copyright,
also in violation of Intellectual Property Rights, for private use only,
not business or for profit venture.

Several past buyers have stated that there isn't enough information for
an actual build. The images on these CDs have also been converted to
Acrobat Reader format, greatly decreasing quality.

These photos can be viewed (and copied for personal use) free by visiting
the various teardrop web sites first hand. Don't fall for this unscrupulous
effort to part you from your money.

Beware of these and other similar "auctions" or offers
elsewhere on the internet! Don't waste your money!

Teardrop folks are a caring and friendly community,
but scams such as this reflect poorly on all of us ...

Vintage (Reprints from the early days):

From the Dec. 1936 & Jan. 1937 issues of Outdoor Life magazine, this 4'x10' teardrop was designed by Walter Hille & J.S. McBeth and named & marketed commercially in 1936 as the Kaycraft Kampster. Weighing only 650 lbs., the trailer features simple plywood construction on a sturdy steel frame, and boasts amenities & details not typically found on even commercially produced trailers of the era. Seven photocopied 8-1/2x11 pages from scanned and enlarged masters made from the original article,  plus two 16x24 photocopies of the original blueprints (sold separately by the magazine), available from website ... $17.50  (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage) ...


  Honeymoon House

From the March/April 1939 Popular Homecraft magazine, this 4'x8' teardrop is typical-tech for the period, yet sports some really innovative features like home-made screened windows, dressing room, and a table that stows in the galley lid; 5-1/3 photocopied pages from scanned and enlarged masters made from the original article, available from website... $7.50 (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage)


  Streamline Midget

From the February 1940 Modern Mechanics magazine, this teardrop is a little more filled out, measuring 9' long and 5-1/2' wide with nearly 5' of headroom. the kitchen is still under-lid out back, but the interior offers a bit more room for stretching and storing. Can be even better with currently available windows and hardware; 9 photocopied pages from scanned and enlarged masters made from the original article, available from website... $10.00 (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage)



From the September 1947 Mechanics Illustrated magazine, it's the 4'x10' version of the style teardrop with which we're most familiar. Basic, straight-forward '40s technology that has managed to survive these last 50 years; 6 photocopied pages from computer-scanned and enlarged masters made from the original article, available from website... $7.50 (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage)


From the April 1953 Popular Mechanics magazine, a do-it-yourselfer's version of the KAMPMASTER, commercially produced in the late '40s, approximately 11' long and 6' wide with 4' high walls. The rear hatch lifts up higher than expected to allow walk-in access to the stand-up screened-in kitchen inside the back of the trailer; These plans reprints are no longer available from Popular Science Magazine. In the meantime, you can view (and possibly copy) the original article here: and even get a full-size pattern, or here:

From the 1951 Mechanix Illustrated, Crafts & Hobbies issue, this 8'L x 6.5'W x 6'H (approx.) plywood constructed and fiberglass sheathed micro-camping trailer weighs only 780 lbs. While NOT really a teardrop, many of the features like the dropped footwell, under-bed storage, and construction techniques, could easily be incorporated into the teardrop concept. Another interesting feature is the use of an old boat-trailer frame for the chassis. Some very cool possibilities, here! 9 photocopied 8-1/2x11 pages from enlarged masters made from the original article. Available from Joseph Chapman, 2517 Fairway Dr., Mobile, AL 36606-4534
 $10.00 cash, check, or M/O
Ph. 251-473-3934

Vintage Updates (from original trailers or plans):
Just Added!   Teardrops and Other Trailer Designs
... is a website by the ever tireless and enthusiastic Andrew Gibbons of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, that shows (and offers, for free, in PDF format or zipped .DXF files) 17 teardrop designs (and other trailer & truck camper designs) from original, traditional, & vintage classics to Andrew's original designs to modified and simplified versions of the classics. Included on the site are studies of trailer balance, tounge strength, geometry of design, and guides to various CAD programs. A wealth of teardrop design information at the simple click of a buttom - you don't want to overlook this site!

From Kevin Hauser's Kuffel Creek Press, a 4'x8' teardrop of classic design, intended to be built on a no-weld commercially available bolt-together chassis! The plans feature COMPLETE and easy-to-follow directions and instructions that almost ANYONE can build a beautiful trailer from! Ring-bound hard copy, $99.95. CD-ROM, $79.95.
Visit his website for more info: 


Teardrop Trailer helpful building hints from the pen of famed automotive & airplane illustrator Bob O'Hara. This 4'x8' trailer is loosely based on a line-art drawing of an early 1930's teardrop. 11 pages of notes, construction detail drawings, and illustrations. Available from Tales & Trails, a portion of the proceeds go to support T&T ... $20.00 (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage)


Dean Tennis built this amazing little wood-frame and canvas "teardrop" to be pulled behind his restored Model A Ford and look right and period perfect. It weighs in at a mere 350#, complete with a "chuck wagon" style kitchen area. Now, he's making the plans available to you. Dean Tennis, 645 J street, Chula Vista, CA 91910 $29.00, includes S/H E-Mail:

Contemporary (Modern Originals):
Big Woody   The
Big Woody

The good folks at Big Woody Campers are now offering plans and free technical assistance for you to build your own Big Woody Teardrop! The plans come in four versions from a CD only for $29.00 to a 153-page 3-ring binder book with CD and full-size templates for $140.00, S&H inc. See their website for complete details - - or contact them at Big Woody Campers, 13384 49th Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, or call 715-726-0465

Zach Kaylor's


Zach Kaylor Designs is now offering plans for you to build this unique Convertible Teardrop! The plans come in two versions: a downloadable Zip file Guide for $25.00 or a printed & bound full-color Guide that also includes the downloadable Zip file as well as samples of the vinyl top fabric and screen material, for $40.00, S&H inc. See his website for complete details -


NEW! Teardrop Builder's Manual
Building a Wooden Teardrop Trailer from the inside out - "an untraditional method for an American Tradition" - is a manual in PDF format on CD-rom containing over 200 pages with many photos and diagrams, and three profiles of classic designs (drawn by Andrew Gibbons). With this manual and basic skills, you will be able to build your own Wooden Teardrop Trailer ... from plans or a sketch on a napkin!
$49.95 postage paid, from:
Steve Frederick
421 Ridge Road
Broadalbin, NY 12025
or buy direct from his website at:

An original design from Steve Guthrie, you can either build to his profile (Full-Size pattern included!), or follow his instructions to build any number of profiles - including your own! Step-by-step plans & comments on heavy-stock paper in a three-ring binder, with a companion CD of all the photos in JPEG format for enlarged viewing on your computer, and the above mentioned pattern. Build on a Harbor Freight/Northern Tool type bolt-together frame (as outlined in the plans) or on a weld-together chassis (some guidelines given). Contact Steve Guthrie, 2498 Wickersham Rd., Charlevoix, MI 49720, or call 231-547-4681, or visit his website $77.00

An original design from W.A. Harper, aptly named, basic and simple in its 4'x8' size. Ten pages of illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions include an added bonus page on how to boot a 12'x6' dome tent to the side of the trailer for expanded livability. Contact WA. Harper, P.O. Box 3147, Paradise, CA 95967
Price: $19.95


An original design from Bill Adkins. the plans will build either an 8', 9', or 10' trailer. All materials are available in most areas with hardware, lumber, and camper supply stores. Bill also offers builder support by phone. Completely detailed plans one large sheet, from Bill Adkins, 20905 22nd Ave. W., Lynnwood, WA 98036 $39.95

of the
A 5'Wx4'Hx9'L original design by Don Ferdinand, it contains 18 sheets of drawings, 24 pages of text, and two pages of full color prints that cover the project from start to finish. Contact Wyvern Industries, P. O. Box 1564, Shady Cove, OR 97539-1564 $30.00


Recently re-discovered, this simple plywood constructed "pod" could easily be re-configured by adding door(s) to the side(s) for more convenient entry/exit. But, hey, it's cool/interesting/different as designed! Available from Paul Butler , Box 1917, Port Angeles, WA 98362 $18.50

Web Site:

(Colorized image courtesy of Don Ferdinand)

New Service: Teardrop Trailer Patterns




KIT Kamper

Li'l Bear
Li'l Bear

... has full-size templates for the Modernaire/Modernistic/Cub-types, Ken-Skill, Benroy, and KIT Kamper teardrops, as well as its own 8' and 10' designs. Simply put 8'-10' of 4' wide heavy duty paper-stock into an appropriately sized mailing tube along with return postage and a note as to which profile you desire, then mail it to Li'l Bear. I will trace that pattern onto the paper and mail it back to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, ...only $5.00 charge! Or, send $35.00 (cash, check, or M/O only, includes US postage) and he'll provide paper & postage. Each profile has cabinet, door, and window locations indicated, as well as galley lid hinge-point and axle centerline location. A simple chassis drawing (of the way I build the frames) that any competent welder can follow for fabrication is available on request at no additional fee. "Morphing" of designs available at nominal charges. These patterns/profiles are produced as ordered and must be worked into the production schedule as time and available floorspace allow. While I'll endeavor to fill the order as soon as possible, please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Li'l Bear Tag-Alongs, 1570 Canyon Creek Rd, Redding, CA 96001 ph 530-242-6452



    Tiny Tears' Pattern
Full size patterns of the "Boxter", "Roundtail", and "Schwep" are now available from Tiny Tears. These patterns are full size on brown butcher paper. Included are instructions on how to use the pattern. They also include a recommended layout of the cabinets/doors.
Tiny Tears, PO Box 3014, Newport, RI 02840


Non-Teardrop Plans with usefull Building Information!
"...offers a surprising amount of space, storage, and comfort in such a small package. It can be towed by many small cars and by most small pickups. And, at only 5 feet wide, it doesn't require additional rear view "trailer" mirrors to see the road behind." ... some very usefull tips & techniques, here!

An explorer box tent-topped camping trailer with a blend of compact size, room for all your camping essentials, rapid setup, and light weight (300-450#). Contact for more info:
Compact Camping Concepts, LLC
Keizer, OR


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