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Welcome to's new Teardrop Trailer Discussion Board

Teardrop Talk ...

... a Teardrop Trailer and Teardrop Camping-related forum. Whether you build, buy, rebuild, restore, have one that you simply use, want one, or are seeking more information about them ... this is your place to learn, to share, and to communicate about Teardrop Trailers and the camping adventures we find with them. Come in, have a look around, and if you like what you see and read, please Join us! We're sure you'll enjoy the camaraderie of the nicest, friendliest campers and characters you're likely to run across for quite some time!
Happy Trails, and let's keep those Tears a rollin'!

For the purposes of THIS 'Board, a Teardrop Trailer is defined as:
Generally, a comfortable, convenient, and compact CAMPING TRAILER, usually streamlined or "teardrop" in shape, produced commercially or constructed by the homecrafter from the early 1930s (perhaps late '20s) through the present day. It is usually between the dimensions of 3'H x 3'W x 6-1/2'L and 5'H x 7'W x 12'L, but most commonly in the 4'H x 4'-5'W x 8'-10'L sizes. There is compact space inside for two adults to sleep (and maybe a child or dog) and limited storage for clothing and gear, sometimes allowing for seating at a small table. The Galley/Kitchen/Cooking area is outside under a "hatch lid" accessed from either the front or back of the trailer (except in the case of the KampMaster/WildGoose types).

A "Classic" teardrop is one produced or constructed between the early '30s and late '50s and has the rounded flowing shape most commonly found during that era [click HERE to view examples]

A "Post-Classic" Teardrop is one produced or constructed from the late '50s to the very early '80s and has a more squared-off or angular shape, typical of the small travell-trailers of the era (there can be cross-over between "Classic" and "Post-Classic") [click HERE to view examples]

A "Neo-Classic" Teardrop is one produced or constructed after the early '80s that is based on or derived from one or more of the 'Classic" designs. [click HERE to view examples]

A "Contemporary/Modern" Teardrop is one produced or constructed after the early '80s that is based on or derived from one or more of the "Post-Classic" designs, or is an original design that fits outside the Classic, Post-Classic, or Neo-Classic guidelines. [click HERE to view examples]

We also consider the compact boat-on-the-roof type trailers such as the KomPak/Ranger and Trailerboat (and their deratives and forerunners) as part of the Teardrop genre, and they and their enthusiasts are welcome here. [click HERE to view examples]

The bottom line is - as we first said in 1994 when we started the newsletter Tales & Trails - if it's homebuilt, custom-built, re-built, pro-built, kit-built, purchased new from a builder/manufacturer, purchased used from the want ads, built from plans, built from scratch, drug out of the barn and held together with bailing-wire/duct-tape/drywall-screws ... if it's big, small, short or tall ... cool, compact, and derived from the teardrop concept ... there's a place for it here! (Exceptions may be granted by the site administrators/moderators after review)

This site is another service of which is funded by the fees for Classified Ads, underiting from Li'l Bear Tag-Alongs, and limited teardrop-related commercial advertising. Please consider giving these supporters your patronage in order to help keep the information flowing here.


This Discussion Board and its contents are for the sole use, entertainment, and enlightenment of ANY Teardrop Camping Trailer Enthusiast, anywhere in the world. It is available to everyone on the World Wide Web as a "Read Only" format/forum. However, in order to post and participate, you must Register as a MEMBER and AGREE & ADHERE to ALL terms and conditions contained herein.

In order to post and participate on this Discussion Board, you must agree to not post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, race-related, or sexually-oriented material, or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Furthermore, politics, religion, sex, or drug or alcohol use and abuse are subjects specifically NOT allowed on this forum; neither is SPAM or anything that can be construed as being SPAM-related.

The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. ANY violation of the above can and will be sufficient grounds for your immediate and permanent removal from membership hereon, with notification sent to your internet service provider.

While the administrators and moderators of this 'Board will make every effort to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. You therefore acknowledge that all posts made to this 'Board are the expressed view and opinion of their authors and NOT necessarily those of the administrators, moderators, or webmaster (except as posted by these individuals) and as such cannot be held liable.

The information you enter herein will be stored in a database. The administrators, moderators, and webmaster agree that they will not disclose any of this information to a third party without your prior written consent.

You also acknowledge and agree that the administrators, moderators, and webmaster cannot and will not be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to this data being compromised. Your e-mail address entered herein is used only for confirming your registration details and password, or for sending a new password should you forget your original one.


1. Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times.
2. Flaming, negative comments, ridicule, etc. toward any person connected with this Board will cause your immediate removal from this forum.
3. This forum will include family and child use, so keep all comments appropriate to this genre.
4. Stay on topic. Off-topic messages can/will be deleted. Also, stay on thread subject - if the subject matter changes, start a new thread.
5. You must use your real name to register. (No fictitious entities, nicknames, codenames, or "handles".)
6. It is understood that all posts are copyrighted at entry and are the intellectual property of the authors and the physical property of this forum. You cannot copy another person's posts and display on any other forum without that person's permission.
7. You may announce events once in your messages. The details should then be sent to for inclusion on our DESTINATIONS! Page for further reference. However, discussion of events is always encouraged!
8. In keeping with the basic Teardrop philosophy of SIMPLICITY, please refrain from the use of:
- different fonts
- colors
- bold
- and NO emoticons

1. To post images with your messages, the images must already be on a server/website. You can include your images with your text in this format:

This Board will help support itself by offering Teardrop Trailer and Teardrop-related-item advertisements. These advertisements, their presentation, and their content will be executed solely by the administrators of this forum.

YOU can NOT advertise your Teardrop, or your Teardrop-related items FOR SALE within your message. We have the Classified Ads Page for this purpose.
You may, however, mention any teardrop-related WANTED items.


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By clicking REGISTER, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, the Rules of the Board, and any subsequent conditions deemed necessary.
You will be notified shortly by email of your confirmed user name and password at which time you will be able to post meassages on the 'Board.
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