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TALES & TRAILS (T&T) has been providing "news & views of, by and for the teardrop trailer enthusiast" since March, 1994.

It's a low-key, low-tech, fun & funky Newsletter that gives you the who, what, where, when, why, & how of teardrops, teardroppers, and teardropping.

T&T is also the official newsletter for TEARDROP TIMES, the international enthusiast's organization/fellowship.

Issues contain event coverage, stories about our experiences, history as we can get it, updates on current manufacturers, parts, and accessories, pertinent news, tips & ideas, letters from our readers, upcoming Gatherings, classified (buy/sell/wanted) ads, "build-your-own" plans updates, lots of photos, a few cartoons & illustrations, and an occasional editorial. Plus, it's all mailed first-class in an envelope! (What more could you want?)

Current Issue is #23.

This issue features the announcement for the 1st International Teardrop Gathering being held at Pioneer Village in Minden, NE, June 23-26, 2005; coverage of some past Teardrop Gatherings, including several of Cam's Cool Coastal Cowpatty Campouts, Bob's I.A.D.Y.6, the 10th Dam Gathering, and a few Tear Jerkers' Rallys; the Saga of Harold LeMay's Teardrop; two book reviews; 2004 Teardrpop Calendar info; a handful of notes & letters from the internet; and our ususal Bits & Pieces, Editorial, DESTINATIONS! and Classified Ads!

Plans for Issue #24 include the latest info and= registration for - and the various regional tours to - the 1st Intern= ational Teardrop Gathering in Minden, NE, June 23-26, 2005; reports on teardropping in Britain, Europe, and Australia; some more Teardrop Gathering coverage; Teardrop Plans and Teardrop Manufacturer updates; the story of the Grasshopper; 2005 Teardrop Calendar info; our usual departments & columns; hopefully we can catch up on some of our readers' letters; and more!

Subscriptions are for a four-issue run - we say "quarterly - more or less!" but lately it's been "as we can". Sometimes we've gotten as many as four issues out in a year, other times as few as one (especially recently). We started out as an eight-page "letter-format" and quickly grew to 20 pages. Issue #22 introduced our new 36-page "A-5 Booklet-format" and Issue #23 got the magazine-style cover photo and heavier-stock cover page. So you see, Tales & Trails is evolving, and it is a process that will continue as circulation (and our grasp on technology) grows. What we may lack in quantity and regularity, we try to make up for in quality! We hope you decide to join us!  

For subscription/membership info, see the TEARDROP TIMES MEMBERSHIP page.





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